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Apartment-Condo Conversions
Converting your apartment building to condominiums in the DMV area can be a smart move, particularly if you're tired of the hassles of being a landlord and would prefer to instead be a less active partner in real estate. In addition to the legal process of converting your property and the process of finding buyers to purchase your units, there are often physical improvements that must be done to your units prior to their sale.

Physical Changes for Apartment-Condo Conversions

While every apartment building is different, repairs and improvements typically must be done before converting to condos. You may need to make changes to the entryways to the apartments, modify the appearance or layout of the lobby or hallways or make cosmetic improvements to the units, exterior or parking areas. Depending on the condition of the building, repairs to the roof, heating and cooling system, drywall and other parts of the structure may also be required.

Importance of Quality

The appearance and structural integrity of apartments is naturally important, but they become much more vital when you're selling your units as condos. Many prospective buyers will acquire mortgages to purchase their new homes, and banks will likely require building inspections and appraisals before granting loans. Your building needs to be in top condition to ensure that you can charge the best possible prices and that your buyers can secure the financing that they need. As a result, you can't underestimate the importance of the quality of the work performed by the contractor that you choose for your apartment to condominium conversion in Maryland, Virginia or the DC metro area.

An Experienced Contractor to Assist You

Cook Construction Contracting has helped many landlords prepare their buildings for conversion to condominiums. We appreciate the importance of quality craftsmanship and hold ourselves to high standards for every job. As a full-service contracting company, we can assist with anything that needs to be done in your building from repaving the parking lot to replacing the roof to renovations to fixing the foundation to painting your units. We can even give your building a full inspection and give you a list of recommendations to ensure a successful conversion. Contact us today for more information.