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Home Buyer/Seller Renovations
Home Buyer/Seller Renovations

Whether you're buying a home in the DMV area or looking to sell one, you want the process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Unfortunately, stumbling blocks to a quick and successful sale can arise even when both the buyer and seller are anxious to enter an agreement.

Challenges to Buying and Selling a Home

Most prospective buyers in the Virginia, Maryland and DC metro areas obtain financing through a financial institution or mortgage company, and these institutions nearly always require a complete home inspection and appraisal prior to granting a loan. If problems are found in the home inspection report, the lender will withhold approval until the necessary repairs are completed.

Remedying Problems to Ensure a Faster Sale

If a home inspection has uncovered problems with a home that you are trying to sell or purchase, you want to have the issues addressed as quickly and affordably as possible. Unfortunately, many contracting companies lack the ability to begin work right away, leading to delays that can cause buyers to look elsewhere or pose problems for owners who need to sell their homes to relocate.

Complete Contracting Services for Your Needs

Cook Construction Contracting is ready to take the hassle out of completing necessary repairs on a home, so that it can be successfully sold. With years of experience, we can examine the property inspection report and develop a plan to address all of the issues as quickly and affordably as possible.

Because we are skilled in everything from roofing to carpentry to heating and cooling to plumbing to electrical and lighting systems, we can handle all of the necessary repairs, eliminating the stress and cost of having to hire subcontractors. Plus, we always have a team ready to go to work to shorten delays in the selling process as much as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to receive a quote based on our low, competitive rates.