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Parking Lots/Facilities
When customers or clients visit your business in the DMV area, what's the first thing they see? While the exterior of your building helps to make a first impression, those who are visiting your business will start to form an impression of you the moment that they pull into your parking lot or parking facility. A parking lot that is in disrepair is a major turnoff to customers and can have them doubting your professionalism before they even walk through the door.

Cook Construction Contracting can help you make a great first impression by keeping your parking lot or parking facility in Maryland, Virginia or the DC metro area well maintained. Our services include:

- Paving and Repaving - If you're expanding your parking lot or building a new area, let us handle the paving. We use the very best equipment to ensure best results and create parking lots that look professional and are incredibly durable. With our repaving services, we can give your parking lot or facility a fresh coat of asphalt to restore its appearance.

- Maintenance - Keeping your parking lot free of snow in the winter, leaf waste in the spring, summer and fall and debris year-round helps to promote a professional image for your company. Cook Construction Contracting can handle all aspects of parking lot and facility maintenance, and we have the most competitive prices in the DMV area.

- Striping - Improve safety and make it easier to park in your lot with our striping services. With our high tech equipment, we can repaint the lines or place them for the first time in new lots.

- Cleaning - Chewing gum, tar and unsightly stains all detract from the appearance of your parking lot and can be difficult to remove on your own. With our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment, we can obliterate melted goop and stains to get your parking lot or facility looking brand new again.

- Restoration and Repairs - Cook Construction Contracting specializes in concrete restoration and blacktop repairs and can improve the safety and appearance of your parking lot or parking facility by patching holes, filling cracks and otherwise addressing damage.

No matter what your parking lot or parking facility in Virginia, Maryland or the DC metro area needs to look its best, Cook Construction Contracting can help. Contact us today for a free quote on any of our parking lot services.