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REO Repairs/Maintenance
As a financial institution, you're not in business to own property, but unfortunately, banks like yours must often seize homes and businesses in the DMV area to recoup losses. To minimize financial loss as much as possible, it's vital that the seized property be in the best possible condition to ensure a successful and profitable sale.

Improvements on REO Properties

Often times, owners who realize their properties may soon be seized stop making necessary repairs to keep their homes or businesses in working order. As a result, financial institutions often find that homes require extensive repairs just to be in a suitable condition for sale at a fair asking price. When selecting a contractor to perform the repairs, balancing expertise with competitive prices is vital to keeping costs low while ensuring that a home or business receives the repairs needed.

Keeping REO Properties Maintained

When a financial institution in Virginia, Maryland or the DC metro area must retain ownership of a property for an extended period of time, keeping the home or commercial building well maintained is of the utmost importance. The home must be regularly inspected for signs of damage and the grounds or landscaping must be kept in good condition. It may also be necessary for the heating and cooling systems and plumbing to be regularly checked and serviced. The right contracting company can handle all aspects of maintenance and allow banks to focus on the legal aspects of managing the property until it's time for sale.

Your Professional Contracting Partner in the DMV

Cook Construction Contractor has been a trusted partner for many financial institutions in the DMV area. We offer a complete range of maintenance and repair services and can handle every aspect of improving and maintaining bank-owned properties. Fully licensed and insured, we service the entire Virginia, Maryland and DC metro areas, and we keep our rates low to help institutions maximize their abilities to recoup losses following a bank seizure. Give us a call today for more information about our REO repairs and maintenance services.