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Restaurant Build-out/Remodel
Whether you're the owner of a restaurant and are ready to update or expand your space or the owner of commercial real estate charged with building out your space to suit the needs of a new restaurant tenant, you must balance the need to keep the front of the house appealing to guests with the requirements to keep the back of the house compliant with health and safety laws. As a result, undertaking a restaurant build-out or remodeling project poses a unique set of challenges not found in other types of commercial construction.

Changes Needed When Converting a Space for a Restaurant

Restaurant remodeling and build out projects typically involve two types of changes: front of the house and back of the house. The dining area may need repairs to drywall, plastering or flooring and custom carpentry and painting may be necessary to enhance the ambiance of the space. Window and door replacements, the addition of sunken spaces for dining rooms and the erection of barriers to make large rooms feel more intimate are also common. The back of the house may need changes to gas, wiring, ventilation or plumbing to make it conducive to day-to-day operations.

Impact of Local Regulations

In Maryland, Virginia and the DC metro area, strict laws cover the restaurant industry. These laws often impose restrictions on the layouts of restaurants and the specific types of electrical, ventilation and plumbing systems that they contain. The contractor you choose to hire must be familiar with these laws to ensure that you're in full compliance, and because the laws change frequently, you also need a contractor who keeps current on the latest rules.

An Experienced Restaurant Renovation Specialist in the DMV Area

At Cook Construction Contracting, we have performed numerous restaurant build outs and restaurant renovations in the DMV area. We understand the unique challenges presented by restaurant construction, and we have the expertise, skills and knowledge necessary to overcome them. Our team keeps abreast of all the changes to food safety and health codes and laws in Maryland, Virginia and the DC metro area to ensure full compliance on every project.

Choose us for your project, and you can deal with just one contractor, as we can handle everything from structural modifications to installing ventilation systems. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.