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Retail Build-out/Remodel
Retail Build-out/Remodel

As the owner of commercial property in the DMV area, you know that retail businesses come and go all too often. Turnover in the retail real estate industry is high, as so many new stores struggle to succeed in their early years, and those that are successful often require bigger spaces as they grow. Every time you lose a tenant, you are in jeopardy of lost rental income, making it important that you do everything you can to fill your units quickly when they are vacated.

Custom Conversions Can Minimize Vacancies

Retail stores have very specific needs in terms of their spaces, and owners of stores want to find places that are ideally suited to their needs. No retail store owner wants to be responsible for fixing up their storefront before they open, and as a result, many look for retail rentals that offer custom renovations. By marketing your property as "will build or renovate to suit," you can appeal to a broader range of retailers and shorten the time between tenants occupying your space.

Aspects of Converting Retail Space

The individual needs of retail stores will vary based on what they are selling to the public. Custom carpentry to add shelving, build dressing rooms and install registers and checkout areas may be necessary. The new store may request specific types of flooring or a particular color scheme for paint and fixtures to suit their brand image. Lighting and wiring for registers and other types of technology may also need to be modified to fit the specifications of the retailer.

A Single Contractor to Handle It All

Whether you need a skilled carpenter, a knowledgeable electrician or a general contractor to complete your retail build-out or remodeling project, you can count on Cook Construction Contracting. We have rebuilt and remodeled retail spaces throughout Maryland, Virginia and the DC metro area and are very familiar with the needs of retail businesses.

When you choose us, you can deal with one single contractor instead of dealing with multiple small companies that specialize in just one small aspect of construction. This helps to ensure that your project is done correctly, on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build out or remodel your retail space for your new tenant.