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Deodorizing/Air Duct Cleaning
Fires and natural disasters pose many threats to homes and buildings. Many homeowners and business owners in the DMV area expect structural damage after being the victims of a disaster but quickly find that there are other problems with which to be dealt after the smoke clears, the storms rolls out or the flood waters recede.

Lingering Odors After a Disaster

Often times, homes and businesses become rife with pungent, unpleasant odors following a disaster. During a fire, smoke can penetrate every surface of the home, leaving behind foul odors that are a daily reminder of the frightening flames. Floods can introduce sewage and other impurities to a structure, creating foul stenches that can make it difficult to breathe. Water damage due to firefighting, floods and storms gives off a musty, unclean smell that is offensive to the nose. While odors may seem like mild inconveniences, living with them or working around them day-in and day-out can greatly affect a person's health and well being, making it important to deal with odors as soon as possible following a disaster.

Air Ducts: Home to Hidden Threats

Even in homes and businesses that do not seem to have suffered massive damage due to a disaster, threats can be lingering out of sight within the air ducts. During the summer months, the ventilation systems in the homes and businesses in the DMV area can become homes for pests that can damage structures and carry illness and disease. Mold and dust can accumulate inside of air ducts, introducing fine particulates into the air that can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms and cause coughing, sneezing, eye irritation and respiratory difficulties. Soot from fires can have similar effects on indoor air quality if allowed to linger inside of ducts. Because many of the materials that can be lurking inside of air ducts are harmful, enlisting the help of a professional air duct cleaning service in the DMV is the safest and most effective way to handle cleaning.

Professional Deodorizing and Air Duct Cleaning Services

Cook Construction Contracting has helped hundreds of homes and businesses in Virginia, Maryland and the DC metro area deal with the unexpected problems that linger after a disaster. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to neutralize offensive odors and remove impurities found inside of ventilation systems. With our affordable deodorizing and air duct cleaning services, we'll get your home or business smelling great and improve the air quality to protect you and your family or employees. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.