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Hoarding Cleanup/Disposal
Hoarding may seem like an isolating problem, but this mental health disorder is more common than you might think. Roughly 5 percent of the world's population engages in hoarding behaviors, meaning there are millions out there who compulsively collect items and have difficulty throwing away even unsanitary and seemingly useless things. A hoarder cannot simply break out of their behavior, even if they wish to; to begin the process of recovery, a hoarder must start by cleaning his or her home and following up with mental health care.

The Serious Consequences of Hoarding

When hoarding continues for years, living conditions inside of a home can become dangerous for the homeowner, his or her family and any pets in the residence. Clutter poses a risk for trip and fall accidents and increases the likelihood of serious fires. If animal refuse or garbage is allowed to linger in the home, it can introduce toxins and dangerous microbes that can cause serious health consequences.

Challenges When Addressing Hoarding Situations

For a hoarder, the process of cleanup can be humiliating and terrifying. The idea of having strangers going through and removing the items that they have collected can produce feelings of anger, anxiety and stress. There is also the shame of having others see the condition of the home and the sheer amount of clutter that has accumulated. Due to their mental health condition, many hoarders are afraid to ever take that first step toward cleanup, worrying they will be judged.

Discreet, Professional Assistance for Your Family

Cook Construction Contracting has years of experience assisting with hoarding cleanup at homes throughout Maryland, Virginia and the greater DC metro area. We understand how upsetting and stressful the cleanup process can be for hoarders and their loved ones. That's why we handle every job with the utmost of professionalism, respect and discretion. Because we are a full-service contracting company, our trucks are inconspicuous, and we are also able to assist with any repairs that are necessary once the hoarded items have been removed.

During the hoarding cleanup process, we will allow your family complete control over what is kept and what is thrown away. We respect and appreciate what a difficult time this is and are willing to provide the space and consideration necessary to help the entire family work through the issues that arise. Because of our extensive experience, we know the best ways to manage waste and potential health hazards to ensure that the work is done as safely as possible for all involved. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you with the hoarding cleanup process.