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Tarps/Board-Ups/Temporary Power
Disasters can strike homes and businesses in the Maryland, Virginia and the greater DC metro area at any time. Roughly 25 percent of the storms that hit the DMV are severe, and the hail, winds, rain and lightning brought by this storms can leave buildings crippled in their wake. Fires destroy and severely damage thousands of homes every year, and like storms, require massive cleanup after they occur.

The Aftermath of Storms and Fire

The days following a disaster are marked with stress, fear and intense grief. Whether damage to a home or business has made the building unlivable or has caused massive damage to one area, the cleanup process can feel overwhelming and impossible. Many homeowners and business owners are immediately confronted with the reality that their damaged property is now vulnerable to inclement weather, vandals and thieves, and they may be struggling to continue life or business as usual with no power in their buildings.

Securing a Building After a Disaster

If the roof, exterior, windows or doors to a home or business have been compromised due to a fire or severe weather, steps must be taken immediately to secure the premises. This can be done through the use of tarps to cover areas of damage or by boarding up holes in the exterior and broken windows and doors. In some cases, a combination of both techniques is advantageous to owners. While tarping over and boarding up a building may seem like a simple task, many owners are occupied with salvaging their belongings, working with their insurance companies and dealing with the emotional impact of a disaster to manage securing their property on their own.

Expert Help When You Need It Most

Cook Construction Contracting is ready to assist families and businesses in the DMV who are dealing with the aftermath of severe weather or a fire. We offer affordable, professional board-up and tarp-over services to help keep homes and businesses secure from the elements and intruders. With our years of experience, we can quickly determine which method is right for your particular building, and we have the expertise necessary to complete the job as safely and quickly as possible. If you're still occupying all or part of the structure, we can also help to provide temporary power to make life a little more comfortable as you go through the cleanup process.

Our number one priority is to be there to assist you and to help make your home or business in Maryland, Virginia or the DC metro area as safe and secure as possible. Contact us today for a free quote on our board-up and tap-over services.