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Tree/Brush Cleanup & Removal
In the DMV, the majority of severe storms occur between May and August, the same months when shrubs and trees are in full bloom throughout the region. The summer is also one of the busiest times for homeowners and many businesses, making it difficult for many to see to the aftermath of storms when they suddenly strike.

The Effects of Severe Weather on Landscaping

Following heavy rain, high winds, hail and lightning, the landscaping of homes and businesses can be in shambles. Downed branches can fall against the structure or outbuildings, posing a risk for damage to the roofs or facades. Leaf litter can be strewn about, creating an eyesore but also increasing the likelihood of clogs in roof plumbing and outdoor pipes. The longer yard waste is left to sit, the greater the likelihood of problems developing that can cost business owners and homeowners big in terms of structural repairs and plumbing repair bills.

Managing Storm Debris in the DMV area

They key to minimizing the potentially disastrous effects of yard waste following a storm is speedy cleanup, but that is not always possible for many homes and businesses. If trees and brush have accumulated near power lines or on buildings, the situation can be incredibly dangerous and not safe for those without the proper training and equipment to manage. There is also the problem of time confronting many property owners, as the demands of work, family and summer social obligations may make it nearly impossible to devote the required hours to restoring a yard after a storm.

Leave the Work to Us

Cook Construction Contracting is your solution to downed trees and brush following severe weather. Our team will quickly and professionally remove the waste whether it's simply some scattered leaves and twigs or a large fallen tree that requires tending. We have extensive experience with the safe removal of yard waste, and our number one goal is always to have commercial grounds and homeowners' lawns looking as good as new when we've finished our work.

At Cook Construction Contracting, we offer year-round brush and tree removal services, so even if the weight of a large accumulation of snow has caused a mess, we are ready to assist you. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and get a free quote.