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Wind/Storm/Lightning/Hail Damage
A serious storm can come without warning, bringing with it heavy rains, driving winds, dangerous lightning strikes and furious hail. Even the most well-constructed of homes and businesses is vulnerable to the effects of severe weather, and when the skies clear, homeowners and business owners often find themselves facing severe damage to their property.

Devastation from Nature's Wrath

In just seconds, storms can wreak incredible havoc upon a home or business. High winds and hail can severely damage roofs and roof plumbing, causing leaks and making buildings vulnerable to the elements. Debris blown by the wind can shatter windows, and its force can tear siding right off of a facade. Lightning strikes can result in fires and power surges that leave exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms damaged, unsafe and unsightly. After a storm, a home or business may be completely unusable or unlivable, or it may be damaged so severely that interferes with daily life or work.

Sources of Funds for Storm Repairs

If your home or business has suffered damage from wind, rain, lightning or hail, you are likely feeling overwhelmed, wondering who will help you in this time of need. Fortunately, this type of severe weather damage is commonly covered by most homeowners and commercial building insurance policies. By making a claim, you can get assistance with restoring your home or business to like-new condition and have the funds that you need to get construction underway.

There for You in Your Time of Need

At Cook Construction Contracting, we have extensive experience helping homeowners and business owners in the greater DC area recover from hail damage, wind damage, storm damage and lightning damage. As a full service construction company, we can handle all of the necessary repairs from repairing or replacing your roof, to fixing the facade to renovating kitchens and bathrooms that have suffered damage.

With us, you can deal with just one contractor to handle all of the work, and you'll get the benefit of a company that is highly experienced working with insurance companies and those affected by severe weather. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through this difficult time.