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Gutter Cleaning/Power Washing
Keeping the exterior of your house well maintained is important to its value, to its structural integrity and in making it feel like an inviting home. Two of the most crucial parts of exterior maintenance are keeping the gutters free of debris and removing staining and debris from the facade. Cook Construction Contracting is available to assist with all of your exterior maintenance needs to keep your home in good repair and looking beautiful.

Our services include:

- Gutter Cleaning - When gutters on homes in the DMV area become clogged with leaf litter, dirt and other types of debris, they can stop draining water from the roof properly. The longer the clogs persist, the larger they will become, and eventually, the water may not be able to pass through the gutters at all. If this occurs, water can back up onto the roof, leading to leaks and damage to the roofing materials. Cook Construction Contracting can help to remove debris quickly and affordably. You don't have to wait for a problem to develop to call us; we can perform routine cleaning to prevent problems from ever occurring.

- Gutter Inspection and Repairs - As certified roofing specialists, our technicians will give your gutters a thorough inspection while cleaning. If we notice a problem with corrosion or damage, we'll fully explain the problem to you and the options for addressing it. We can handle all types of gutter repairs to help get your roof plumbing in perfect working order again.

- Power-Washing for All Types of Homes - Over time, mold, dirt and debris can accumulate on any hard surface of a home, detracting from its appearance. Many homeowners find that they can't remove these difficult stains on their own. If you're tired of looking at dingy siding, discolored stone, a murky deck or a sidewalk or driveway that's covered with stains, Cook Construction Contracting can blast away the mess with our pressure washing equipment. Our safe, effective power washing equipment can be used on many different types of surfaces and can even help to restore the appearance of historic homes.

For more information about how Cook Construction Contracting can help you keep your home maintained with our gutter cleaning and power washing services, give us a call. We can answer all of your questions and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.