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Homes made of brick and stone have an unmistakable beauty all their own, but for masonry and brickwork to look their best, they must be laid and maintained by the best mason or bricklayer. Cook Construction Contracting is the number one choice for masonry, concrete and brickwork in Maryland, Virginia and the DC metro area. We have completed hundreds of projects in the DMV area and have the expertise and skills necessary to handle any project.

- New Construction Masonry - Whether you're building a new home, adding an addition or giving your home's facade a major overhaul, Cook Construction Contracting can help. We work with brick, stone and concrete, and we can handle special requests like stamping, coloring or exotic materials.

- Repairing and Constructing Chimneys - Adding a fireplace to your home? Let us construct your chimney! With our years of experience, we can create the best chimney design to allow you to use your fireplace safely. We also handle repairs of existing chimneys to fix damage caused by bad weather or the natural wear and tear that occurs over the years. As certified roofing specialists, we can also repair or install the necessary flashing or copper work around your chimney.

- Repointing Historic Homes - While stone and brick can last forever, the mortar that holds masonry in place is not as durable. Over the years, the mortar can break down, leading to leaks inside of the home. If left unaddressed, these leaks can greatly weaken the walls, resulting in blemishes to the drywall or plaster or compromising the integrity of the structure itself. Cook Construction Contracting can replace the mortar or repoint the bricks or masonry to prevent these types of problems. We have worked on many historic homes and can handle your project without detracting from the appearance of your historic home.

- Repairs, Replacements and Rebuilds - Whether your brickwork or stonework is simply looking aged or has suffered serious damage, we can replace, repair or rebuild the masonry to get your home looking great indoors or outdoors again.

Truly no masonry, concrete or brickwork project in the DMV area is too large or too small for Cook Construction Contracting. We understand how important the masonry and brickwork are to your home, and we'll go to great lengths to ensure that your project is completed with precision and close attention to detail for the most beautiful results possible. Contact us today for more information and a free quote for your project.